Aftermath Science / Flight Dynamics 20130312

The return of the Offnominal podcast - originally broadcast live over at and shared over at - here is a special edition of Aftermath Science (formerly known as Flight Dynamics) including a special set of 3kStatic tunes celebrating yesterday's release of 'The Society of The Spectacle'. Enjoy.

Aftermath Science / Flight Dynamics 20130312 by Logickal on Mixcloud


3kStatic - The Society of the Spectacle

Just in case nobody has heard this somewhere else, the big album project 3kStatic (of which I am a member) has been working on for the last two years is finished. You can stream it on Soundcloud with the widget below, or pre-order at - you get the download immediately, and the CD when it releases on March 12, 2013!


Among the living

Spent last week suffering from a dreadful flu, missed the majority of the awfulness that was last week. Cannot get the massacre out of my head, also downbeat about the passing of Ravi Shankar. Last night I improvised two new pieces, playing around with Max4Live a bit more. I've had it since release, and still haven't found time to really dive in - hopefully this time is different.



I'm in the process of going through a bunch of old physical media, with the goal of re-archiving old Logickal material*. I decided I would open one of these at random in Live 9 and see what happens. This afternoon's improvisation is based on a Live set with a last modified date of September 5, 2003 (I'm guessing the Live 3 beta period - my usage of Live seems to greatly increase during the Beta!). My findings:

  1. Yes, Live 9 will open ancient Live sessions.
  2. There are quite a few plugins that I used to use regularly that are no longer supported... or at least haven't been updated in a while.
  3. Live really has come a long way with session/project organization over the years. It's hard to believe we lived without 'Collect All and Save' and the Live Pack format.
  4. My old scraps are (so far) hardly worth keeping.
  5. So, here is another improv - Vile (None Transgression).

    *(Actually, I'm looking for something, but that's another story.)


Offnominal is back

There's still a few more features I need to implement in the coming days, but I think at this point it's safe to say that has returned. Expect various ramblings with topics including (but not limited to) Music production, Audio technology, the 'Biz' as a whole, music I'm enjoying, and whatever other miscellaneously from my life deserves more than a brief post to Facebook.

Oh, and I'm also currently sorting through tracks for the return of the Flight Dynamics podcast - so be on the lookout for that too.


Finally in...

... to the Ableton Live 9 beta test. Started playing around last night, tried the audio-to-midi feature by singing a melody line in, which you hear played by the piano (wacky chordal harmonizations were done with a dastardly combination of Live's midi effects). Anyway, not much to it - some drums, an Operator synth with a modulated filter envelope for the bassline, more Operator for the bell synth and one of the nice Pianos.

Here it is.


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